Why Do Cats Roll in Grass?

Your cat runs out of the house and straight to a patch of grass outside for a good long roll. “What on earth,” you laugh to yourself as this peculiar feline continues to roll around in the grass.

Why do cats roll in grass? Cats like to roll around as a way to put their scent on things. He might choose grass because it feels soft and comfortable. You may see that your cat also likes to play on the grass. The soft green blades of grass feel great on the paws.

If you’d like to learn more about why cats roll in the grass, keep reading because we will cover this topic in depth.

Rolling Spreads His Scent

Perhaps the chief reason behind why a cat rolls in the grass is to spread his scent around. Rolling around in the grass and dirt spreads his scent around on the ground. This warns other cats that he owns this territory. Upon journeying far from home, your cat may use the grass as a scent marker to find his way home.

Did you know a cat can smell his own litterbox from 2 miles away? He uses that to navigate.

Cats have 200 million odor sensors in their nose, which gives them 14 times the smell of humans. They can smell many things that we cannot, and they use their nostrils to live in the world of scent.

They Like the Smell of Grass

We don’t want to pass this off as definite truth, but cats love exploring new scents. Speculating from that knowledge, it could be that cats roll in it because they love the smell of grass. The sweet, sharp scent of someone mowing the lawn feels intoxicating to humans. Who knows how cats feel about it.

As we can imagine, cats would smell this on an amplified level from our own. The smell of freshly cut grass is known as green leaf volatiles, which is a mixture of oxygenated hydrocarbons.

In fact, he may like the smell of freshly cut grass so much that he rolls in it to put the smell on him. Cats like the smell of grass so much that outdoor cats often smell like fresh-cut grass because they roll around in it so much.

Playing in the Grass

Be around cats for long enough in the outdoors, and you will see how they love to play in the grass. He may roll in it simply for the fact that he likes it.

If you’re interested in learning why cats roll around in dirt, I wrote another article about that here. You have many of the same reasons for him rolling in dirt as what he would grass. However, grass may feel more comfortable to him. Have you ever sat down on a patch of dirt? Now think about how you sat on a patch of grass and how much more comfortable it felt.

Beware of This When Your Cat Rolls in the Grass…

Cats may roll in the grass, but they’re also known for eating grass when close to it. Some researchers believe that this may expel parasites through the increase of muscle activity within the digestive tract.

Normally, them eating grass wouldn’t pose many problems, but you should beware of pesticides and weed killers used on the lawn. You don’t want your cat eating the blades of grass.

In some cases, your cat may vomit after eating grass. Don’t panic because this is normal. Some even believe that he does this intentionally.


Cats roll in grass largely because it marks their territory. While some may not care for the texture of grass, others will love to roll around on it. Still, others may prefer the warmth of concrete. I wrote about cats rolling on concrete and some of the reasons here.

If you’re interested in why they roll on their back and bite when you touch their belly, check out the article I wrote here. You’ll learn a lot about cat behavior.

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